• Naturally reared on grass
  • Single suckled
  • BSE and TB free
  • Free from Growth promoters





We have available for purchase Beef in either 10kg or 20kg boxes. Packs may vary slightly but will contain the following:

  • Fillet Steaks
  • Rump Steaks
  • Sirloin Steaks
  • Roasting Joints (Topside, Brisket & Rolled Rib)
  • Stewing Steak/ Chuck steak
  • Mince/Sausage

10 kg box……………………. £70.00 (£7.00/kg or £3.21/lb)  

20kg box……………………. £130.00 (£6.50/kg or £2.98/lb)


The beef is supplied chilled but not frozen. We will be happy to freeze the meat for you but only for a limited time.


Only steers (male) go to make up the beef. The slaughtering is done at an approved abattoir within half an hours drive in order to reduce stress. A master butcher does the butchering in Crediton. The meat is hung for a complete 3 weeks to improve the flavour and tenderness. Devon beef is renowned for its excellent taste and marbling. The animals roam free to eat grass and are reared for a full ten months on their mothers’ milk, remaining with the herd as an extended family unit their whole life.

We welcome visitors to see the animals at any time (but please phone first to ensure we are in). We are members of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme, which promotes environmental conservation and natural farming methods. We hope you enjoy the beef we are sure you’ll taste none better!




We are an approved Farm for Asda and a member of the Tesco producer group.

We are able to offer a free local delivery service to fit in with your requirements.
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